Dr. Deppe Instru Zym 2 goInstruZym is an enzymatic cleaner for medical instruments. It’s dedicated to all kind of material-careful, residue-free cleaning-procedures, specially those from flexible and rigid endoscopes, endoscope accessories as well as surgic and orthopedic instruments.

InstruZym prevents biofilms which can accommodate multi-resistant bacteria. InstruZym prevents coagulations which tend to provoce device failures. The functional activity of mobile instrument parts is protected.

Category and security indications

Within 2-3 minutes exposure time InstruZym creates the presupposition for a safe disinfection and sterilisation. It’s qualities are as well  bactericide as virus-inactivating. It’s proteases and amylases containing, surfactants supported formula split, suspend and remove proteins, polysaccharides, deposits of blood, secretions, fabrics and grease. Antibacterial and virus-inactivating components protect against contamination from the used solution.

Caution: InstruZym is not determinated to replace disinfectants.

Product qualities and ranges of application

InstruZym facilitates the residue-free cleaning particularly of elsewise difficult to purge instruments with narrow diameters, endoscopes and endoscopic accessories.

InstruZym is suited for all ranges of application: Immersion bath, circulation bath and ultrasonic bath.

Because of its material-careful qualities InstruZym is also indicated for sensitive materials.The cleaning power of the ph-adjusted formula is already effective with cold water temperatures. It’s impact can be increased by the use with warm water (30-45°C).Thanks to it’s low application concentration InstruZym is particularly economically.


Forms of delivery
  • 6 x 2-l bottle / cardboard
  • 2 x 5 ls of jerrican
  • bigger bundles on inquiry
Prices and conditions

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