OpSept Basic

Dr. Deppe Op Sept Basic 2 GoOpSept Basic is a ready-to-use alcoholic hands disinfection. The combination of biocidal effectiveness and very good skin compatibility even under conditions of very frequent makes it special.

OpSept Basic is applicable in all areas of the human hygiene.

Category and security indications

Biozid of the product kind 1 (” Biocids for the human hygiene “) – Biocid for careful use only. Before use always read marking and product information. Biovid Register Nr.: N-43561

Product qualities and ranges of application

Hygienic hands disinfection. OpSept Basic is suitable for all areas to the human hygiene with high demands for the hands hygiene in clinics, practices, outpatient clinics, nursing equipments as well as industry and lab areas.

Forms of delivery
  • 24 x 150ml pocket bottle
  • 18 x 500ml bottle
  • 10 x 1000ml bottle
  • 2 x 5-l jerrican
Prices and conditions

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