TopOff Wipes

Dr. Deppe ToppOff Wipes in the boxTopOff Wipes are ready to use hygiene cloths, destined for the cleaning and disinfection of medicine products. TopOff Wipes are effective approx. 30 sec after application. They are ideal for smaller medical device surfaces and objects in the environment close to patients, also between treatments and interventions.

Category and security indications

Impregnated with an alcoholic solution from largely Propanol, 2-Propanol; Ethanol; Didecylmethylammoniumpropionat, Alkylaminguanidindiacetat, scents and surfactants TopOff Wipes are extensively effective: Baktericidal, fungicidal and tuberculocidal (incl. M.-terrae), effective against all envelopped viruses. (incl. HBV/HIV, HCV/Vaccinia). Besides, TopOff Wipes are Noro viruses tested and virucidal in accordance with standard 14476 (polio / Adeno).

Caution: Unsuitable for surfaces sensitive to alcohol (acryl glass)!

Product qualities and ranges of application

Thanks to pleasant smell qualities, absence of aldehyde and very good material compatibility also with sensitive surfaces (out of acryl glass) ToppOff Wipes belong to the hygienic basic equipment for clinics, medical practices, outpatient clinics, nursing areas and all other infection critical areas .TopOff Wipes are effective against the Ebola virus.

.Dr. Deppe Top Off Wipes Refill Packs disinfectant for surfacesTop Off XXL Wipes

Forms of delivery
  • 12 x 150 cloths boxes
  • 12 x 150 cloths-postfilling packings
  • 70 cloths 260 x 290 mms as a supply roll in the folios  bag included to practical donor in bucket form
Prices and conditions

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