hands & skin

Hands are the most important path of infection for the transmission of illness causes. No matter whether in public areas, in transportation, in administrative buildings, care facilities and the catering trade. Whether at work, at school or in the highly sensitive sphere of medical practise and hospital – the hands can place invisible pathogenic germs nearly everywhere:On door handles. On light switches. On cash. On the dinner set. On seats, tables and, and, and….

And with the hands the secret attackers are resumed. Then often it is only a short way for the germs to penetrate about wounds or the mucous membranes of mouth, nose and eye into the human organism to unfold their sick effect.

Worst case scenario: The epidemic spreading of harmful deseases that can only difficultly be treated by available medicines: hepatitis, polio, ebola, MRSA.

So radically important the general hygiene counts like right hand washing and regular bumf and cleaning – so essential is in medically vulnerable areas and in situations of epedemic danger the use of easy to handle, effective disinfectants in order to interrupt the transference of germs over the hands or from the surrounding skin into wounds.

For an effective skin & hand disinfection we recommend: